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Sokkia Electronic theodolite – Quality, Performance, and Affordability
that Ensure Maximum Profitability:

Sokkia Electronic theodolite – Quality, Performance, and Affordability that Ensure Maximum Profitability:

Electronic Theodolite is a precision optical instrument for measuring angles vertical and horizontal by reading on a LCD screen. Used for surveying of building, construction sites and fencing of big areas.

It consists of a telescope that can rotate 360 deg mounted in a steel case. As it rotate around the horizontal and vertical axes and provide digital angular readouts on LCD screen. These indicate the orientation of the telescope, and are used to relate the first point sighted through the telescope to subsequent sightings of other points from the same theodolite position. These angles can be measured with great accuracy, typically to 2 to 20 seconds . From these readings a plan can be drawn to start the work on site.

Protsurv Geo Centre is SANAS accredited laboratory to service and calibrate all models of theodolites with calibration certificate on every service done.

Sokkia Electronic Theodolite:

Quality, Performance, and Affordability that Ensure Maximum Profitability with Sokkia Electronic Theodolites Superior Performance and Durability.

Superior Performance and Durability:

All Sokkia Auto Level models feature superior optics, mechanics, advanced absolute encoder systems, proven tilt compensators, and the industry’s highest IP66 protection grade.

Power-Saving Technology Saves Battery Costs:

Four AA alkaline batteries provide extra-long operating time from 100 to 170 hours, saving costs for replacement batteries. The DT Series instruments operate for two to five weeks without changing batteries.

Laser Pointer to Increase Construction Work Efficiency (Laser models):

The laser models incorporate built-in coaxial laser pointers that maximize construction work efficiency.

The applications include:
– Layout (Setting-Out)
– Horizontal/Vertical Alignment
– Leveling
– Grading
– Squaring

Long-Range Laser with Ultra-Small Beam Spot (Laser models):

The laser beam reaches 200m (660ft.) under indoor or underground conditions. Even under daylight conditions, the beam spot can be recognized at up to 50m (164ft.) away from the instrument. Red laser beam emitted from the objective lens is focused simultaneously with the telescope, meaning that the beam spot size becomes the minimum where you focus.

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Electronic Theodolite FYT 2:

Electronic Theodolite FYT 2:

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Fujiyama – FYT 2 Electronic Theodolite:

  • 30x Magnification
  • 1˚30˝ Angle of view
  • 45mm Objective aperture
  • 3m Shortest view distance erect image
  • 1D30˝ Field of view
  • 100 Stadia ratio
  • Standard with rechargeable batteries, can be operated with AA
  • Resolving power of 3.5 ˝2.5” for fyt 20”

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Service Centre Information:


Visit our accredited calibration & service centre laboratory:

Visit our accredited calibration & service centre laboratory:

Protsurv Geo centre provide service of all model auto levels / digital levels such as Sokkia, Fujiyama, Leica, Topcon, Nikon and Pantex  and selling of Sokkia auto levels / digital levels and Fujiyama builders level. 

Quality and Precision is our business. We understand that the reliability of our products depends not only on the instruments and equipment that we supply, but also on the quality, precision and commitment of the support that stands behind our products.

Protsurv level of support and services is unique in the industry, we offer servicing, repairs and calibrations (auto level / digital level) to all your products including a variety of other manufactures, telephone support and priority on-site calibrations and repairs on material testing equipment.

Protsurv (Head office) calibration laboratory also maintains a complete ISO/IEC17025 quality management system accredited by SANAS for the following scopes:

Dimensional Metrology – Lab No. 033 (Total station and Theodolites)

Force Metrology – Lab No. 833 (Compression testing machines up to 2000 kN)

Our fully equipped service centre is authorized by our international suppliers to provide servicing, repairs and calibration on Humboldt Nuclear Density Moisture gauges, as well of those of other manufactures’, Auto levels, Theodolite angles, Total station angle and distance, Compression testing machines (Concrete Cube Press), CBR machines and Marshall machines.

All calibrations are done using equipment traceable to national or international standards by experienced and fully in-house trained technicians and meteorologists.

As we go forward, our focus is to continually improve our customer service needs and to add more calibration scopes to our accreditation.

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tribachs - theodolite

Tribrach with Optical Plummet

laser distance meter - theodolites

Laser Distance Meter

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Surveying Tripods

surveying supports - theodolite

Surveying Supports

clamps & cradles - theodolites

Clamps and Cradles 

surveying staff - theodolite

Surveying Staff

surveying poles - theodolite

Surveying Poles

surveying prisims - theodolite

Surveying Prism’s

surveying field book - theodolite

Surveyor Field Books

abney level - theodolites

Abney Levels

surveying measuring wheel - theodolite

Distance Measuring Wheels

measuring tape - theodolite

Measuring Tapes

surveying compass - theodolite

Compasses & Clinometers

surveying plumb bobs - theodolite

Plumb Bobs

survey umbrella - theodolite

Survey Umbrellas

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Protsurv Geo Centre (PTY ) Ltd, 28 Boomkruiper Street,
Kempton Park, Johannesburg

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Tel: (+27) 11 976 2070

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Protsurv Geo Centre (PTY ) Ltd, 28 Boomkruiper Street,
Kempton Park, Johannesburg

E-Mail :

Tel: (+27) 11 976 2070

Find us here!

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